Girl, you'll be at the window again Faro

The initiative starts at 10:00 pm

The “Menina Estás à Janela” event returns on June 1st, Faro, on a pedestrian route along which the windows and balconies of several buildings of recognized architectural and historical value in the Algarve capital serve as a stage for different artistic disciplines.

The initiative starts at 10 am, and throughout the morning, 00 windows will open throughout the city.

This year, the selected proposals include professional artists, amateurs and collectives who develop community projects of social intervention through art.

In partnership with public, private and associative entities in the city of Faro and the Algarve, «the event once again establishes a participatory dynamic between institutions and the community, with the aim of reinforcing the artistic, cultural and heritage identity of our region», says the organization.

Institutional support, such as the City Council of Faro and CCDR Algarve. Culture Unit, the Algarve Tourism Region, the Rolear Group, the Eva Sense Hotel, the Teatro das Figuras, Mais Algarve, the Commercial Development Association of the Historic Area of Faro, Hostel Casa d´Alagoa, Águas do Algarve, Restaurante Vila Adentro, Algarve ao Vivo and Blockbuider.