Book “The Silences of Words” presented at the Loulé Library

On the 8nd of June at 15:00

The book “Os Silêncios das Palavras”, written by Idália Farinho Custódio, will be presented at the Municipal Library of Loulé, on the 8th of June, at 15 pm.  

“Os Silêncios das Palavras” is a book of poetry made up of a small selection of poems from “Palavras Simples”, “They would be Flowers if they weren’t Rosas” and “Unpublished”.

«Poetry that frequents two worlds: that which is the surrounding, the exterior, and that which is involved, the self, the absolute subject of interiority – Nature, Being», says the Municipality.

Idália Farinho Custódio was born in Loulé, in 1938, has a degree in Romance Philology from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon, was a teacher of Secondary and Basic Education (second and third cycles) and Cooperating and Accompanying teacher at ESE, at the University of Algarve.

His work is distributed across poetry, children's literature and oral literature. Her greatest work is in this area, “Oral Heritage of the Municipality of Loulé”, co-authored with Maria Aliete Farinho Galhoz and Isabel Cardigos. Recently, she published “Do you know, Mother?”, a narrative that is a “Hymn to Life”.

“Palavras Simples” and “They would be Flowers if they weren’t Roses” are part of his poetic work. In children's literature, among several titles, “A Viagem da Parker 51”, “As Mãos do meu Irmão”, “Até à Estrela do Mar” and “Põe as Palavras na Lua” deserve special mention.

The presentation will be in charge of municipal director Dália Paulo.