SNS 24 line has already answered more than one million calls in 2024

January was the month with the most visits, exceeding 271 thousand

The SNS 24 line has already answered close to 1,2 million calls this year, almost double the approximately 615 calls made in the same period last year, the Ministry of Health announced today.

In a statement, the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health (SPMS) details that January was the month with the most calls, exceeding 271 thousand, followed by March, with more than 264 thousand calls, while April exceeded 257 thousand calls.

In the month of May, until the 23rd, more than 200 thousand calls were answered.

On average, SNS 24 answered around 8.200 calls per day this year.

Through telephone contact to SNS 24, the screening, counseling and referral service assesses and guides citizens in the face of a non-emergent health problem, such as cough, fever, mild to moderate pain, nausea, among others.

The screening is carried out according to the clinical situation and the respective referral to the appropriate level of care – self-care, primary health care, emergency services, INEM or Poison Information Center.

In order to raise awareness among citizens about the appropriate use of health services, avoiding resorting to emergencies without prior referral from SNS 24, SPMS has been promoting several communication and health literacy campaigns.