Lagos “gives home” to the Algarve Regional Sweets Association

Facilities are located in Espaço Jovem de Lagos

The Algarve Regional Sweets Association (ADRA) saw the Câmara de Lagos grant it rooms in the Espaço Jovem (formerly Escola Secundária Gil Eanes) so that it could carry out activities to promote, demonstrate and disseminate regional Algarve sweets.

The provision of this space, revealed the Lacobrigense Chamber, is «framed within the municipal policy of supporting cultural, sporting and recreational associations» and fulfills «the purpose of giving use to buildings that are owned or under the responsibility of the municipality, boosting these spaces with activities and new uses of interest to the community».

ADRA was created on April 12, 2022 «with the aim of preserving, valuing and promoting regional sweets as a traditional art, product and economic activity».

«Its constitution was also driven by the need to create an entity that would give strength to the sector and represent local producers in the Dom Rodrigo certification process with the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) seal, a project in which the municipality has committed. Completing the various stages of this demanding process, ADRA submitted Dom Rodrigo's specification book for consideration by the General Directorate of Agriculture and Rural Development, awaiting a decision on the matter», revealed the municipality.

The provision of facilities by the municipality will allow this association “to have better operating conditions to fulfill its mission and work towards expanding the number of members and its representation in the region”.