Tavira Sports Gala distinguished almost 400 people

The Gala brought together more than 700 people

The Tavira Sports Gala, which took place on the 17th of May, at the Pavilhão Municipal Dr. Eduardo Mansinho, distinguished 397 athletes, coaches and managers, with diplomas of sporting merit, and 107 with trophies of sporting merit.

The Gala brought together more than 700 people and recognized those who, during 2023, elevated and promoted the municipality of Tavira in sporting terms, but also those who stood out in the years 2020, 2021 and 2022, in which this event was not held event, due to the pandemic.

The winners were: 

School Sports Award 2020-2023
Men's Beginners Team, Table Tennis, Dr. Jorge Augusto Correia School Group

Adapted Sports Award 2020-2023
Paulo Francisco, Adapted Handball – Intellectual Disability, Clube Vela Tavira

Female Revelation Athlete 2020-2022
Leonor Lopes, Sailing, Clube Náutico Tavira
Female Revelation Athlete 2023
Mariana Carmo, Handball, Clube Vela Tavira

Male Revelation Athlete 2020-2022
Ruben Andrade, Boxing, Ginásio Clube Tavira
Male Revelation Athlete 2023
Miguel Cavaco, Athletics, Clube Vela Tavira

Female Athlete 2020-2022
Isabel Gonçalves, Duathlon, Clube Vela Tavira
Female Athlete 2023
Carmen Figueiredo, Handball, Gil Eanes

Male Athlete 2020-2022
Leandro Andrade, Football, Qarabag FK
Male Athlete 2023
João Neves, Football, SL Benfica

Coach 2020-2022
António Santos, Boxing, Ginásio Clube Tavira
Coach 2023
Paulo Batista, Sailing, Clube Náutico Tavira

Women's team 2020-2022
Joana Roberto, Rita Agrela and Beatriz Puga, Archery, Clube Vela Tavira
Women's team 2023
Manuela Pereira, Lina Brito, Justina Pereira and Fátima Salvé-Rainha, Athletics, Clube Recreio Desporto Santaluziense

Men's Team 2020-2022 
Ryan Lima, Ruben Andrade and Gabriel Afonso, Boxing, Ginásio Clube Tavira
Men's Team 2023
Senior Team Sonâmbulos FLA, Futsal, Sonâmbulos Futsal Luzense Associação

Mixed Team 20-2023 
Miguel Sousa and Érica Porto, Sailing, Clube Náutico Tavira

Manager 2020-2022
Fernando Rodrigues, Clube Vela de Tavira
Manager 2023
Rui Correia, Sonâmbulos Futsal Luzense Association

Sports Association of the Year 2020-2022
Tavira Vela Club

Sports Association of the Year 2023 
Clube Recreio Desporto Santaluziense

Sports Event of the Year 2020-2022
Sea Swimming Race of Rio Gilão, Tavira Natação Clube
Sports Event of the Year 2023
Algarve Bike Challenge, Associação Clube BTT Conceição de Faro

Ethics in Sports 
David Livramento, Tavira Cycling Club

Alto Prestigio – entity
Group of Schools Dr. Jorge Augusto Correia

Alto Prestigio – sports personality
Sara Gonçalves (posthumously)