Tax authorities warn of false messages about payment of fines

Messages threaten seizure to try to deceive message recipients

Some taxpayers are receiving written messages (SMS) to pay a certain amount as fines or administrative offences, which led the Tax Authority to launch an alert warning that these messages are false.

“The Tax and Customs Authority (AT) is aware that some taxpayers are receiving fraudulent text messages (SMS), says the alert published on the Finance Portal, highlighting that the recipients of these SMS “are maliciously induced to make a payment to allegedly regularize their tax situation.”

As in previous situations, AT states that these messages are “false” and that their sole objective is to convince the recipient to make undue payments.

In one of the fake SMS shared by AT, it is said that the “Tax Authority informs” the taxpayer that the deadline for “payment of fine 13415/24AT” is coming to an end, with data relating to the 'entity', 'reference' being provided. and amount that must be paid immediately to “avoid seizure of assets”. In other SMS, instead of a fine, they talk about “tax offense”, and payment details are also indicated.

As in previous cases, the AT warns taxpayers never to carry out the requested operations and advises them to read the information leaflet on “Information Security” which can be consulted on the Finance Portal by accessing the “taxpayer support” section and then “ Useful information".