Fenprof refuses to sign an agreement with the Government on recovery of service time

Union leader estimates that around 25.400 teachers who are at the end of their careers would be left out of the agreement

Fenprof refused to sign an agreement on the recovery of teachers' service time and accused the minister of education of «a stab at trust», the union's general secretary Mário Nogueira announced this evening.

Upon leaving the meeting with Fernando Alexandre, Minister of Education, Science and Innovation (MECI), Fernando Alexandre, Mário Nogueira explained that Fenprof did not accept the document because MECI maintained the recovery of six years, six months and 23 days only for the purposes of of career progression and that this is an agreement “that excludes teachers”.

If signed, the union leader estimated that around 25.400 teachers who are at the end of their careers would be left out of the agreement.

«It would be hypocritical to make an agreement today and then go and ask for additional negotiation, or go to the Assembly of the Republic to ask for rectification to consider the colleagues who are excluded», he stressed.

The general secretary of Fenprof also admitted to repudiating the statements made by MECI this afternoon, which accused the union structure of "never being part of the solution" and doubting, at times, that "education and teachers are their concern".

«It means a stab at the trust we could have in the Minister of Education. For it to be recovered, the minister has to provide proof that he is worthy of it,” he noted.

Mário Nogueira reported that he told the Minister of Education that Fenprof “does not accept” this type of comments, recalling that the organization “represents 70% of teachers in Portugal”.

“This is completely execrable,” he said.

The general secretary of Fenprof also highlighted that the minister “admitted not reviewing the sickness mobility regime” and highlighted that this decision “is very serious”.

«It is completely unacceptable and goes against the promulgation made by the President of the Republic», he noted.

The proposal presented today by the guardianship envisages the recovery of service time at an annual average of 25% between 2024 and 2027.

Of the total number of trade union organizations that met with MECI, five refused the proposal: Fenprof, Stop, Pró-Ordem, SEPLEU and ASPL.