Association and Youth Fair showed the dynamics of Olhão

In total, around 40 associations in the municipality participated

Hundreds of people attended the third edition of the Olhão Association and Youth Fair (FAJ), which ended this Sunday, May 19, at the Maria Barroso Municipal Auditorium and surrounding space.

On Sunday afternoon, when the municipality's folkloric groups – Ria Formosa, Moncarapacho and Quelfes – performed, the outside area was filled, as was the interior of the Auditorium, with the performance “Legos”, by the Casa da Juventude Theater Club, and with the play “Ah Mãe Tá Prese!”, by the Olhão Senior Theater Group.

FAJ started with an open class by the Algarve Dance Academy, a workshop on fig bundles, family stories, an open budo dôjô class, flavor tasting or pitanga dancing, among other suggestions.

During the three days of the FAJ there were also several permanent activities, such as demonstrations of ninpon taijutsu, basketball, handball or traditional games, environmental awareness raising or scouting activities. Hip hop, ballroom dancing, yoga, oriental dance or wooden constructions were other offerings.

In total, around 40 associations from the municipality gathered in this municipal space, where music was provided by Rita Fox Band, DJ Tecnick, Fernando Leal and Bianca Barros.