Faro travel back in time in yet another Alcaçarias Market

Initiative is promoted by the Union of Parishes of Faro

Faro will travel back in time to another Alcaçarias Market, starting this Wednesday, May 29th, in Muralhas and Largo D. Afonso III. 

The initiative will run until Sunday, June 2nd.

This medieval and Islamic market, with more than 700 years of history, is free to enter and will be open from 17pm to midnight.

Throughout the venue, which this year already occupies some arteries of the Old City, in addition to Espaço Muralhas, some artistic and cultural highlights are planned, with Islamic and medieval dancers, fire breathers, jugglers, fakirs and musical shows.

In addition, visitors will be able to find two gastronomy areas, as well as vendors selling regional and Islamic crafts, antiques, jewelry, goldsmithing and endogenous and regional products.

After the conquest of Faro in 1249, D. Afonso III, fearing that the Moors would create external pockets of resistance, allowed them to settle on the outskirts of the city.

This granted area was called Mouraria and there the Arabs created an area of ​​daily markets (the alcaçaries) that gained great economic importance at the local level, for Arabs, Jews and Christians.

It was in these markets where these three people could coexist and carry out their commercial exchanges and the alcaçarias became increasingly important until in the reign of D. Manuel I these markets were already considered the great commercial center of Faro.