ETIC_Algarve now has the only degree in Video Games south of the Tagus

Classes will take place in the late afternoon and evening, so that students “can make these studies compatible with their personal and professional lives”.

Video games at ETIC_Algarve

ETIC_Algarve, School of Technologies, Innovation and Creation of Algarve, located in Faro, now has the only degree in Video Games south of the Tagus, in a partnership with Teesside University, in Middlesbrough, in the United Kingdom.

The news was announced to the Sul Informação by Nuno Ribeiro, director of ETIC_Algarve, who explained that the degree «results from a strategy that we implemented five years ago and which allows students on two-year courses at our school to go and do a third year abroad, at one of our universities partners, in Prague, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Vilnius and Teesside University, in England, to complete the degree».

«But as Brexit happened, the English began to analyze the possibility of their international partner schools, such as ETIC_Algarve, being able to offer, in their space, the third year, with due approval from them» .

It was an accreditation process that “took about a year, a year or so”. Teesside University recognized the two-year Video Games course at ETIC_Algarve, giving equivalence to all modules of this course, allowing the student to complete the third year at the school in Faro, to obtain a degree. Official confirmation arrived last week.

So, from now on, ETIC_Algarve students «who do two years here no longer need to leave this school to complete their degree, they can stay here and take one of two degrees, Game Design or Game Development, one more focused on art and another more focused on programming», explained Nuno Ribeiro.

In other words, video game students at the specialized school located in Faro «they will now be able to do all their academic training at ETIC_Algarve until they reach level 6, which is the equivalent of a degree».


Teesside University visits ETIC_Algarve


These new degrees in video games will have classes in the late afternoon and evening, so that students “can combine these studies with their lives, sometimes even professional lives”.

The expected audience is mainly made up of former students of ETIC_Algarve, who have already studied there in previous years. «In this initial phase, our primary audience is our own former students, who already spent two, three years or last year here, and who will now be able to complete their training cycle, completing their degree with us», he explained. also Nuno Ribeiro.

But the new courses are also aimed at «students who have completed their training outside of ETIC_Algarve, such as, for example, in a Higher Professional Technical Course (CTeSP) in the area of ​​Video Games, held at any Portuguese university, and who now pass to be able to apply and complete the third year. Obviously, your portfolio and the curriculum plan of the course itself must be analyzed».

From here, «students with this degree can then continue their path, if they want to pursue a master's degree, etc. And they can continue their journey in Portugal and outside of Portugal, because this reference is Anglo-Saxon. That's why we always say that it is the equivalent of a degree, because the title is that of Bachelor of Arts, which is level 6 of the European Union qualifications framework».

The new degree at ETIC_Algarve, in partnership with the English university of Teesside, is «recognized both in Europe and in Anglo-Saxon countries. If a student later wants to go and do a master's degree in Australia or the United States of America, they can go", concluded Nuno Ribeiro.



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