Moldova Ambassador visits Lagos and launches twinning proposal

The ambassador was accompanied by his advisor Cristina Burian

Aleixei Cracan, Moldova's ambassador to Portugal, visited Lagos and launched a proposal to establish twinning ties with a municipality in that eastern country. 

Hugo Pereira, president of the Municipal Council of Lagos, officially received the ambassador of Moldova to the Portuguese Republic and the Kingdom of Morocco at the 21st Century Paços do Concelho building, immediately reinforcing that the Moldovan people will always be welcome in the municipality and that they has maintained a good relationship with its community for a long time.

In the words of the municipality's president, «we have always strived to facilitate the integration of the people of Moldova in Portugal and we are proud of the success stories we have seen emerging in Lagos in various areas».

The ambassador was accompanied by his advisor Cristina Burian.

Moved by the reception, the ambassador thanked, on behalf of the Moldovan people, all the efforts made by Portugal, and in particular Lagos, in welcoming displaced people who were looking for a new home and a new life. With already established families and now adult children, one of the embassy's efforts has been to facilitate the assimilation of Portuguese culture and reality, without forgetting Moldovan roots and traditions.

Taking advantage of the moment, Alexei Cracan also launched the challenge of establishing a twinning and friendship agreement between Lagos and a Moldovan municipality that will in the meantime be proposed taking into account aspects that can facilitate ties, an invitation that was received with great pride by the mayor .

The ambassador also called for voting in the presidential elections in Moldova taking place in October this year (possibility of voting in Portimão), also recalling that the country has already made its candidacy to join the European Union official and that a decision is expected soon .

After the official reception, the ambassador had the opportunity to visit the Lagos Dr. José Formosinho Museum and the city's historic center, where he learned more about its history, heritage, art and culture, with the afternoon reserved for a visit to a wine producer in the municipality, one of Lagos' endogenous resources with increasing prominence and projection.