EMARP sponsors the Meteorological Stations project for schools in Portimão

By offering a new DataLogger

The Municipal Water and Waste Company of Portimão (EMARP) will support the sustainability of the Meteorological Stations project of the Manuel Teixeira Gomes School Group (AEMTG), through the offer of a new DataLogger. 

The DataLogger is, according to EMARP, «the most important equipment at the station, which allows managing the collection and recording of data from measurements made by meteorological sensors».

This Wednesday morning, during the visit to the Meteorological Station, with the presence of the Mayor of Portimão Álvaro Bila, EMARP assumed that initiatives of this kind are “essential to form conscious and informed citizens about the environmental issues that affect the our community and the world».

In the two automatic stations, located at the Manuel Teixeira Gomes and Professor José Buísel schools, operating as a network and full-time, measurements are made of seven atmospheric-climatic variables: Temperature, Precipitation, Pressure, Wind, Humidity, Solar radiation and Radiation ultraviolet.

«These data, available for consultation, are specific to the municipality of Portimão and are of enormous importance for the study of climate and meteorological forecasts, having already served the purpose of supporting academic research», explains EMARP.

The project implemented in 2001, by the group of geography teachers at AEMTG, continues to encourage the development of scientific literacy, remaining constantly updated and continuously collaborating with groups from different subject areas, within the school, and open to the educational community in that is inserted.