Dino D'Santiago and Liliana Valpaços create a «Mundu Nôbu» to challenge multicultural stereotypes

Mundu Nôbu aims to recognize and value citizens from less represented communities, opening up space for them to become more active voices in society

Dino D'Santiago and Liliana Valpaços came together to create Mundu Nôbu, a non-profit organization that aims to contribute to greater representation of vulnerable communities in different sectors of society.

«As Portugal is a country with enormous multiculturalism, open to immigration and with very close relations with Portuguese-speaking African countries, Mundu Nôbu emerges as a structure for identifying and promoting cultural, academic, scientific and business potential, with a view to greater integration and visibility», highlight the organizers.

With the purpose of changing mentalities by supporting young people in unfavorable situations, Mundu Nôbu begins its activity in September this year, with the community intervention program “Your place in the World”.

“Your place in the World”, Mundu Nôbu’s main project, aims to help young people in vulnerable contexts and from less represented social groups, to create their life project and to be agents of social change themselves.

This long-term program aims to involve 160 young people, providing them with critical thinking and individual and social awareness, with a view to greater self-efficacy and the ability to make decisions for their own benefit and that of society.

Based on the methodology of Brotherhood Sister Sol, a non-profit organization based in Harlem, New York, which has been recognized for the results generated by its work with young people, “Your Place in the World” will have weekly meetings and activities, with groups of young people accompanied by mentors, where Various curricular topics will be covered.

In the first phase, the project starts in the city of Lisbon, with the support of the Lisbon City Council and Gebalis, but also of Lisboa Cultura, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Emerald Group, BPI Fundação “la Caixa”, Banco de Portugal , PwC, Randstad, pbbr lawyers, IKEA, Microsoft, Worten and EURO M'. The impact assessment will be carried out in conjunction with ISPA.