With goats, their cheese and other “friends” the May Fair is held in Azinhal

The event can still be visited today and tomorrow

Photos: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The Algarve goat and the products it generates are the basis of the fair, but Terra de Maio, which has been running since yesterday and ends tomorrow, at the Centro Multiusos do Azinhal, in Castro Marim, aims to be, above all, a showcase of regional products from the Algarve.

At the head of these products is Algarve goat cheese, whose appreciation took another step yesterday, the 24th, within the scope of this event, with the inauguration of the Experimental Nucleus of Queijaria do Azinhal and Promotion of Endogenous Resources, a new feature that will allow this production unit promoted by the National Association of Goat Breeders of the Algarve Breed (ANCCRAL) to invest in cheese curing.

«We always try to bring some improvement, with each edition. Today we will inaugurate a new space in the Multiusos cheese factory, thanks to which we have managed to preserve Algarve goat cheese over the years. The entity that manages the cheese factory needs a new space to be able to create by-products, such as cured cheese», he told the Sul Informação Filomena Sintra, vice-president of the Chamber of Castro Marim, on the sidelines of the official opening of the Terra de Maio fair.


Filomena Sintra – Photo: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação


«This is not just a crafts fair, because we try to have representation of the indigenous race here. It is difficult to get these numbers, males, females and offspring, of this authentic breed here. There is a great effort by ANCCRAL to have the animals here, with licensing and everything, and to have milking workshops and other activities with the goats», he adds.

Especially because the objective of the Castro Marim Chamber and the Azinhal Parish Council, in holding the fair, «is also pedagogical, at the same time that we encourage the Algarve goat producers who resist».

«On the other hand, we also want to value other products, such as salt, honey, plants, handicrafts, bobbins and honey. The Tuna Confraternity is also present. We tried to dedicate this small fair to what is the identity of the Algarve region», concludes Filomena Sintra.

In addition to endogenous products, the fair has a musical lineup with well-known names. After Micaela performed this Friday, today it is Buba Espinho's turn. Tomorrow, Sunday, José Malhoa takes the stage.


Photos: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação



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