Cláudio Lima takes office for a new term at the head of PSD/Loulé

The re-elected leader of the PSD/Loulé lamented the incompetence of the municipal executive headed by Vítor Aleixo

Cláudio Lima took office this Saturday, May 18th, for another term as president of PSD/Loulé, in a session at Convento Espírito Santo. 

The re-elected leader of the PSD/Loulé lamented the incompetence of the municipal executive headed by Vítor Aleixo.

«Loulé has not made the qualitative leap in the last 11 years that the resources at its disposal would allow. On the contrary! In many areas, the municipality regressed in time and was unable to impose itself within the regional and even national framework", he said, in his speech.

For Cláudio Lima, the «Socialist Party has plunged the largest municipality in the Algarve into a vegetative state that is only hidden by the fat budgets that, year after year, have been at its disposal, but due to its inertia and incompetence, and sometimes by mere blindness policy, they have not known how to use it to improve the quality of life of the people in the municipality».

Therefore, he predicts that the solution is to ask the Loulé electorate to trust the PSD again.

«In next year's local elections, in which Vítor Aleixo is no longer a candidate, and after these dozen years wasted by the PS, with exhaustion and fatigue that are impossible to hide, I believe it will be time for the PSD to once again govern the destinies of a municipality that wants to be prosperous and attractive», he says.

Based on an election that saw 30% more voters compared to the 2022 vote, where he was elected president of the PSD/Loulé for the first time, he emphasized that «it is a strong sign that the activists recognize the work we have done in these two years, who trust me, in us, and who above all understand the importance of the moment».

Cláudio Lima ended by defending the need for «a reconciled party that has learned from the mistakes of the past», because only then will it be possible «to achieve good results in the next municipal elections in 2025».

The event was attended by more than a hundred people, with emphasis on the vice-president of the National Political Commission Inês Palma Ramalho, the president of the PSD/Algarve and deputy to the Assembly of the Republic Cristóvão Norte, the leader of the JSD/Algarve Artur Gomes, Alexandra Gonçalves, candidate for the Algarve on the Democratic Alliance list for the next European elections, in addition to AR deputy Ofélia Ramos and Filomena Sintra, vice-president of the Chamber of Castro Marim.

The chosen location was the emblematic Convento Espírito Santo, a place that says a lot to José Mendes Bota, a PSD figure at regional and national level, who took office as president of the Board of the Section Assembly.

Vice-presidents Maria de Deus Domingos and José Leal were also elected to the Section Political Committee, André Dias as treasurer, João Carlos Santos as secretary, and the members João Paulo Sousa, Bárbara Amaral Correia, Sílvia Martins, Deodato João , Vânia Guerreiro, Vítor Duro, and José Borges.

In addition to president José Mendes Bota, Elsa Pires as vice-president, João Barragão Dias as secretary and members Cláudia Mendes and Márcio Rodrigues took office at the Section Assembly Board.