Official Animal Collection Center Faro has already received 1000 animals

Under the CED program, 468 cats were sterilized

The Official Animal Collection Center of Faro (CROAF), in Guelhim, marked last Wednesday, May 15th, the entry of the 1000th animal.

Since its opening, on January 16, 2023, a total of 1.000 animals, including dogs and cats, have been admitted to CROAF for various reasons, “such as collection of stray animals on public roads, delivery by authorities or other partner entities, sanitary kidnappings due to aggression against animals or people or captures under the Capture, Sterilization and Return (CED) program", says the Chamber of Faro.

Within the scope of the CED program, 468 cats were sterilized, in addition to 215 sterilizations of dogs and cats outside that program.

In addition to the sterilizations carried out at CROAF, the Municipality has a support program for associations, through which it financially supports animal protection associations that operate in the municipality, thus allowing them, autonomously, to also intervene with stray animals, namely through the CED program.

In addition to the CED program, the Municipal Veterinary Service of Faro, collects, treats and sends stray animals for adoption, carries out educational programs in schools and other institutions in the municipality and carries out inspections together with the authorities in the field of animal welfare.

Since its opening, CROAF has delivered, as part of responsible adoptions, a total of 208 animals, with 88 animals found lost on public roads being returned to their families. The vast majority of animals sterilized under the CED program were returned to the colonies to which they belonged.