European candidates present ideas for agriculture in the Algarve

This Friday, May 24th

The Commission for Hydroagricultural Sustainability of the Algarve (CSHA), which represents more than a thousand entities and farmers in the Algarve, organizes this Friday, May 24th, a conference with representatives of candidate lists for the European elections.

The objective is to discuss the future of agriculture in Europe, in a session that takes place between 17pm and 00pm, in the Caixa Agrícola de Messines Auditorium.

The event is attended by Alexandra Rodrigues Gonçalves, candidate for the Democratic Alliance (AD) and director of the School of Management and Tourism at the University of Algarve; José Gusmão, candidate for the Bloco de Esquerda (BE) and current deputy for the Left Group in the European Parliament; Mário Cunha, candidate of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) and lawyer and member of the social bodies of the Al-Portel Association; Pedro do Carmo, candidate of the Socialist Party (PS), former deputy and former president of the Agriculture and Fisheries Commission and a representative of the PAN.

In a note, the organization clarifies that all parties with elected MEPs were invited.

The debate begins with a five-minute intervention for each candidate. After the initial interventions, the participants will answer questions asked by Algarve farmers.