camera of Faro estimates that Municipal Police will begin work at the beginning of 2025

There were 30 vacancies, but only 14 candidates will enter training

The Chamber of Faro hopes that the Municipal Police will be able to take office at the beginning of next year, he told Sul Informação Rogério Bacalhau, president of the municipality of the Algarve capital. 

After, in September 2023, the municipality opened an external entrance competition for the admission, in the form of an employment contract in public functions for an indefinite period, of 30 2nd class municipal agents, 40 applications were registered.

Of these candidates, only 14 were admitted. «This means that we are not going to fill all the vacancies we had, but we are going to open a new competition to see if we can find more people. The 14 selected are still taking tests and I hope that, during the summer, they can enter training to see if, at the beginning of next year, we already have the police functioning", explained the mayor of Faro.

To our newspaper, Rogério Bacalhau highlighted that the Municipal Police's duties will mainly be «inspection at all levels, from regulations to traffic».

«It should be noted that they are not PSP, but they can, for example, arrest someone who is committing a crime and hand them over immediately to the PSP. What we would like when we have this Municipal Police is to have more order in the city, particularly in traffic, because we have a lot of chaos, with cars parked everywhere, but also in relation to surveys and inspections that we can carry out by having people available for that".

According to the mayor, the Municipal Police will work throughout the municipality, seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

As the municipality of Faro equipped with trailers, Rogério Bacalhau admits that this will be «a problem to be studied» when there is a Municipal Police.

Despite stating that so far there have been no "major problems" due to the lack of a trailer, the mayor of Faro says that, «unfortunately», this is necessary because «people leave their cars parked poorly».

«The problem with towing is where we leave the towed cars: it has to be a safe place and this has its own legislation, especially because of waste. It must be in its own, suitable and licensed space. Therefore, we are seeing if, in the municipality, we have a place that can be licensed to store these cars».

Rogério Bacalhau also highlights that the objective of the Municipal Police is not to replace the work of the PSP and GNR.

«What we want is to complement the work because, unfortunately, the PSP and GNR do not respond to the needs we have. If they did, we wouldn't have a Municipal Police», concludes the mayor.


The requirements for the application to the Municipal Police are to have Portuguese nationality (except in cases excepted by the Constitution); be 18 years of age and under 28 years of age on the date of application; not be inhibited from exercising public functions or prohibited from carrying out the functions they intend to perform; have the physical robustness and mental profile essential to the performance of functions; have complied with mandatory vaccination laws and be no taller than 1,60m (females) and 1,65m (males).

The remuneration during the internship period (if applicable), as well as after being appointed to the category of 2nd class Municipal Agent, will be the result of the regime set out in Map I, Annex II to Decree-Law No. 39/2000, of March 17th, currently corresponding to the amount of 769,20 euros.

Functions are performed on a shift basis, with workers receiving the corresponding shift allowance, under the legally stipulated terms.

A written knowledge test is carried out, as well as a psychological assessment exam, a medical selection exam and a professional selection interview, all of an eliminatory nature.


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