Artists from three countries will call Faro in the sun with your art

Sunplugged will have its first edition in June

Photos: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação

Kah Bee Chow, a visual artist who divides his time between Sweden and Malaysia, flew to Faro and much of what he saw was new. Anna Gesualdi and Giovanni Trono, from the Italian company TeatrIngestazione, they felt at home, but their eyes never stopped shining when they landed in the crystal clear and serene sea of ​​an Algarve beach.

Anna Gesualdi and Giovanni Trono, Kah Bee Chow and Tó Quintas from Faro are the guest creators of first edition of the Sunplugged Festival, an initiative that will take place in Faro from June 21st, promoted by the ArQuente association, based in Faro, in partnership with structures from Sweden and Italy.

They all participated in a Mapping Week in Faro, in April, during which they were inspired to create pieces of public art in the Algarve capital.

On a sunny morning, the Sul Informação met Kah Bee Chow, Anna Gesualdi and Giovanni Trono at the dock of Faro, moments before embarking with them on a trip through the Ria Formosa, guided by a marine biologist – Tó Quintas, who had recently returned from Sweden, stayed at home, in bed, having felt unwell due to the changes in climate.

The final destination of the group, which also included Fúlvia Almeida, Teresa da Silva and Tátá Regala, from ArQuente, as well as photographer Jorge Mestre Simão, was Culatra Island, where, despite it still being Spring, they could already see many people sunbathing and even taking a bath.

The idea was to publicize the natural beauty and people of the island, but also the efforts that Culatra is making to become a self-sufficient island from an energy point of view and increasingly sustainable, under of the Culatra 2030 project.


Photos: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação


But the highlight was the contact with the Atlantic Ocean and the sand of Culatra beach.

Giovanni Trono, while staring at the sea, explained that, despite living in Palermo, «there are no landscapes like this there anymore».

«We don't have anything that pure, it has nothing to do with it», he confesses, with a satisfied smile and a sparkle in his eyes.

During their one-week stay, in addition to this trip to the beach, the artists got to know other places and attractions in the Algarve capital.

“They loved it Faro. They were very satisfied, I would even say delighted, even. They really liked the city, they liked the way they were received, the places they saw. They even told us: “So, but Faro Are there only beautiful places?” (laughs)", he told Sul Informação Fúlvia Almeida, from ArQuente.

Visiting artists were also given the opportunity to walk around the city, on their own, to explore it in their own way.

Fúlvia Almeida also highlights the fact that artists always have a more holistic view of things, making it easier to find beauty in things, even those that are considered ugly by most people.

«It was really cool, because they really liked everything. For example, the Italians went to Teatro das Figuras on foot and walked around the city, through an area that was no longer so noble. When they came back, they told us: we loved it, this is really cool. It reminds us a little of Naples, our culture, our way of being,” he added.

The two Italian artists, he said, came to Faro with one question in mind: where is the sun?

And the answer they found “stayed in our minds, me and Teresa [Silva, from ArQuente, who also accompanied the group]”.

«They said that, here, they found the sun in people. They came to find it mainly in people and I found this very beautiful. Maybe we have the sun inside and we don't realize it».


Giovanni Trono, Anna Gesualdi and Kah Bee Chow – Photo: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação


After the moments of inspiration, which took place not only in Faro, but also in the cities of Bari (Italy) and Ystad (Sweden), there will be a moment of creation, an artistic residency that will take place in June and will end on the opening day of the works and the start of Sunplugged.

However, there are those who already have a good idea of ​​what they will do, as is the case of Kah Bee Chow, who «already has the piece more or less designed in her head».

Without lifting the veil too much, Fúlvia Almeida revealed that it will have an iron base and will be inspired by elements that she absorbed during her time in Faro, including the city's old lamps.

The Italian duo also left Faro «with an idea», in this case to do something in the field of performing arts, also seeking inspiration from the 25th of April, because «our revolution was iconic».

«They thought everything was beautiful, especially the songs. They got tired of asking us for intervention songs», revealed Fúlvia Almeida.

These works, as well as that of Tó Quintas, will be revealed on June 21st, the first day of summer and also the festival.

The works will be on display, “at least until the end of June. But they may stay for a while longer».


Photos: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação


The launch of Sunplugged will coincide with the Solstice celebrations, which will be promoted on the same day by the Chamber of Faro and whose program includes concerts.

Also on June 21st, there will be a conversation entitled “Art and Sustainability”, which will bring together at Galeria Arco, the headquarters of ArQuente, in Vila-Adentro de Faro, the artists involved in the project and experts from various areas. The central theme will be sustainability, taking the Sun as its starting point.

The event begins at 18:00 pm with a showcase by Mateus Verde, followed, at 18:45 pm, by the presentation of Sunplugged artworks. At 19:00 pm the conversation will take place, which will have as speakers Alexandra Gonçalves (ESGHT, UAlg), Paulo Santos (vice-president CM Faro), Vasco de Abreu (Sciaena) and Jânio Monteiro (ISE, UAlg) and moderation of Elisabete Rodrigues. Sul Informação.

Co-organized by ArQuente, Transversal Project (Sweden) and Basso Profilo (Italy), Sunplugged is co-financed by the European Union, through the Creative Europe Program, and by the Municipality of Faro, and also has a partnership with the Higher School of Education and Communication of the University of Algarve and the Municipal Museum of Faro. As communication partners, we have the Sul Informação and RUA FM.


Photos: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação


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