Armação de Pêra hosts a tribute concert to José Mário Branco

on May 24th

Armação de Pêra will host the Abril em Branco concert – tribute to José Mário Branco, on the 24th of May, at Antigo Mini Golfe, at 21:30 pm.

The concert, promoted by the Municipality of Silves, features performances by Luca Argel and Mitó Mendes.

«Abril em Branco is, above all, a collective work that features musicians Filipe Valentim, Luís Bastos and Quarteto Naked Lunch. Because April is a blank sheet, in this case, like an eternally revisitable work, always current and moving», reads the note from the Municipality.

The show combines a creative approach with the merely instrumental aspect, the recreation of the “song” in its purest essence and the poetic component (declamation/spoken word) inseparable from the work of José Mário Branco.

The initiative is part of the program for the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the 25th of April of the Municipality of Silves and is free to enter.