Accommodation support extended to displaced students without a scholarship

The amount of support is half of what is given to scholarship students

The Council of Ministers today approved accommodation support for displaced higher education students without a scholarship, corresponding to 50% of the value of the supplement allocated to scholarship holders.

“The Council of Ministers took measures that reinforce the capacity for student accommodation (…) and the expansion of support for students who require and need student accommodation”, announced the Prime Minister, Luís Montenegro.

At the same press conference, at the end of the Council of Ministers meeting, in Braga, the Minister of Youth and Modernization specified that the support corresponds to 50% of the additional accommodation currently allocated to scholarship students.

The measure will cover students who do not have access to a scholarship and whose income per capita of the family varies between 836 euros and 1.018 euros per month.

Currently, the value of the accommodation supplement paid to scholarship students who do not obtain a place in public residences varies between 264,24 euros and 456,41 euros, depending on the city.