Students from the 1st Cycle of Loulé learned from the Brincadeiras Health Center

Initiative arises from the partnership between Loulé City Council and the city's Health Center, as part of ULS – Algarve Local Health Unit

Students in the 1st year of the 1st cycle of basic education from school groups in the municipality of Loulé participated in another edition of the Centro de Saúde das Brincadeiras, on the 14th, 15th and 16th of May.

The initiative is born from a partnership between Loulé City Council and the city's Health Center, as part of the ULS – Algarve Local Health Unit.

The Brincadeiras Health Center is «a health education project, which was born as a primary, multidisciplinary and interinstitutional prevention project, which is based on intervention with children, with the involvement of the community, health and education professionals, and which aims to guarantee proximity care, fostering a culture of humor in relationships and interpersonal appreciation with citizens», explains Loulé City Council.

Therefore, during these days, interactive visits were made to the different services of the Health Center, to raise awareness of existing health care, from a positive and proximity perspective, promoting the exercise of active and healthy citizenship.

This was intended to be a positive experience, so the children had the opportunity to bring their “hypothetically sick” dolls to the consultation, and in a symbolic game, the dolls/”patients” were attended to by all the services available at the Health Center. Health.

The objective was, in this way, «to de-dramatize the different fears associated with health institutions (such as the white coat, syringes, the dentist...)». «It is deconstructing reality without covering it up», considers the organization.



At the beginning of the visit, each child received a Passport with identification and information on all health services, which they later had the opportunity to visit.

The interactive visit began with a welcome provided by Doctors Clowns, from Operação Nariz Vermelho, promoting the importance of humor in the provision of health care, followed by all the services that the Health Center offers for children: Secretariat; Child Health Consultations (Doctor and Nursing); Vaccination; School Health; Nutrition; Occupational therapy; Speech therapy; Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation; Radiology; Oral health; Psychology; Breastfeeding Corner and Citizen's Office.

The event also included the active participation of the Municipal Firefighters and the Safe School Team of the National Republican Guard of Loulé.

«It is an immense joy to see these children losing all their fears regarding health services and those who work in them. We are helping to deconstruct these stereotypes that these small citizens have in relation to people (doctors and nurses) and these services. In yet another edition, this initiative was a huge success as we managed to change the way we view Health», said the councilor for Social Action, Health and Education at Loulé City Council, Ana Machado.

This partnership has been «very fruitful», since this event allows «to teach health in a playful way, helping to demystify children's fears and therefore reach their families».

«It has been an added value, very rewarding for our professionals to carry out this work with the little ones», highlighted Rubina Correia, clinical director for the area of ​​Primary Health Care at the Algarve Local Health Unit.

The Brincadeiras Health Center had, once again, the general objectives of “ensuring equity in health, humanizing health services, improving the health of children, through their empowerment, making them responsible for the importance of adopting healthy lifestyles , increase health literacy, encourage new forms of interpersonal relationships and a culture of humor in care, increase the interface between the Health Center and the community and build alliances with public, private, non-governmental entities and civil society».