Students from the Algarve Hotel and Tourism School experience their profession in a real environment

“Jobshadowing” takes place for the first time and has dozens of students registered

Several dozen students joined the “Jobshadowing” program, launched for the first time by the Algarve Hotel and Tourism School, and were able to experience a profession in a real environment. 

«Giving students on level 5 courses the opportunity to explore different careers within the Tourism and Hospitality industry, in a real work environment» is, according to the organization, «the main objective of this

«See, feel and learn beyond the obvious. This was the proposal we made to students with this pedagogical innovation program. It represents an opportunity for students to get to know the different brands on the market and experience the different entities, in a real work environment. Basically, it is an additional, autonomous learning methodology, in which each student acquires or consolidates knowledge on the spot. It even allows you to relate the course's syllabus with this practical learning", says Silvia Barriga, Innovation advisor at the Algarve School of Hotel and Tourism.

Laura Carolino, aged 23, is in the 2nd semester of the Hotel Management and Accommodation course at EHTA, and says she was «surprised by the creativity and motivation of the team in carrying out tourism promotion projects, in a persistent fight against the image of a destination tourist 'only' of sun and sea and the inevitable seasonality that this entails.

«I was captivated by the enthusiasm to innovate, create new projects and be up to date with the entire tourist offer and its stakeholders. In fact, this area had never been an option for me but I was very attracted by the versatility of the projects and creativity. It was an incredible experience», highlighted the EHTA student.

Kitchen, Reception, Floors and Entertainment were some of the skills provided by the Domes Lake hotel, one of the many EHTA partner entities, for students to develop their “Jobshadowing”.

"It was a very good experience. We introduced students to another reality, to understand what is happening on the other side of each area of ​​the hotel. Due to the characteristics of our hotel, they had the opportunity to perceive many different aspects. For example, the Apartment Reception is something distinct and with its own context. It is very gratifying to welcome EHTA students because they come with excellent foundations», says Luís Palma, director of Human Resources at Domes Lake Algarve.

A few weeks before the start of the curricular internship, which will occupy more than a hundred and a half of the school's students until the end of the summer, the School of Hotel Management and Tourism believes that the 'Jobshdowing' program «constituted, for many, the first contact with the job market and the confirmation, or not, of the area of ​​activity to be invested in in the world of Tourism».