Algarvians on the podium of the Torres Vedras race of the Portuguese MTB Marathon Cup (XCM)

Also from the Algarve, David Costa (Rodactiva/Golden Club Cabanas), in class C, was the best paracyclist

Philip Francisco

Algarve cyclists Filipe Francisco and Celina Carpinteiro, both from CDASJ/Cyclin'Team/Municipality of Albufeira, came 3rd this Sunday in the elite races of the Torres Vedras Marathon, the second scoring race for the Portuguese MTB Marathon Cup (XCM ).

The men's and women's events were won by Guilherme Mota and Melissa Mais, both from Guilhabreu MTB Team.

The 93 kilometers covered by the men's elite were marked by competitiveness and balance, with less than three and a half minutes separating the winner from the fifth-place finisher.

Guilherme Mota proved to be the strongest, crossing the finish line alone after 3h43m32s. Carlos Cruz (Saertex Portugal/Edaetech) was the closest, spending another 43 seconds.

Third, at 1m24s, was Filipe Francisco (CDASJ/Cyclin'Team/Municipality of Albufeira).

The victory in the Torriense marathon allowed Guilherme Mota to take command of the overall Cup.


Celina Carpenter


Among the women, there was the elite national champion, Melissa Maia, who dominated in a hegemonic way. The Guilhabreu MTB Team runner completed the 75 kilometers in 3h40m32s, leaving the runner-up, Estonian Maaris Meier (Sagiper/NSCP Mortágua), at 15m25s.

Third, at 16m13s, was Celina Carpinteiro (CDASJ/Cyclin'Team/Municipality of Albufeira). Melissa Maia reinforced her command of the Portuguese Cup in the women's elite category.

In the veteran categories, masters 30 Luís Moura (Saertex Portugal/Edaetech) and Marilyne Marques (Demo BTT/O'Baga Fruit) stood out, master 35 Ricardo Oliveira (Saertex Portugal/Edaetech), masters 40 Carlos Ramos ( Trepanelas/Prifer) and Ângela Gonçalves (Saertex Portugal/Edaetech), master 45 Martinho Saragoça (BTT Gardunha/Fundão/Create), masters 50 António Marques (BTT Seia) and Carla Vieira, master 55 Carlos Soares, master 60 Fernando Gonçalves (CTM Vila Pouca BTT Team) and master 65 Manuel Pinto (Carvic/Casa dos Óculos/Figueiras BTT).

The best paracyclists were David Costa (Rodactiva/Golden Club Cabanas), in class C, and Ivo Pereira (Róódinhas/Master Vantagem), in class D, while in the electric assistance bikes Pedro Serras and Dina Morgado (Marítimo Sport Club) prevailed. ).

The collective victory belonged to the Guilhabreu MTB Team. Saertex Portugal/Edaetech prevailed among the master teams.

The third race of the Portuguese XCM Cup will take place in Águeda, on September 15th.