Algarve starts 2024 with more overnight stays and more guests

«The destination continues to grow sustainably outside of the high season», says André Gomes

Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The first quarter of this year in the Algarve had more guests and more overnight stays, compared to the same period last year, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE). 

In the first quarter of 2024, the tourist accommodation sector in the Algarve registered 697 thousand guests (+7,9%), 2,6 million overnight stays (+8,2%) and 146,5 million euros in total revenue (+ 16,9%).

«These indicators of regional tourist activity show growth above the national average in the same period», says the Algarve Tourism Region (RTA), in a statement.

Compared to the first quarter of 2023, the Algarve received 50 thousand more guests, recorded 200 thousand more overnight stays and obtained another 21 million euros in income.

There were increases in both Portuguese guests (+4%) and foreign guests (+9,5%). Overnight stays by residents increased by 9,4% and overnight stays by non-residents increased by 8%.

«The destination continues to grow sustainably outside of the high season. I highlight the significant growth in resident overnight stays, which increased well above the national average and surpassed 2019 levels», highlights André Gomes, president of RTA.

In the first quarter, the United Kingdom led the markets sending tourists to the Algarve, with 661 thousand overnight stays (+8%). This was followed by Germany (+5,7%), the Netherlands (+3%), Ireland (+36,3%), Spain (+23,2%), Canada (+15,9%) and the USA ( +10,7%).

During the same period, the Airport of Faro handled around 1,2 million passengers (+7,5%). The United Kingdom was the main emitter, with 513,5 thousand passengers and growth of 11,1% in the quarter. Germany and the Netherlands complete the podium.

According to the Algarve Golf Association, the destination recorded 364 thousand rounds of golf (+3,2%) in the first quarter of 2024, with every month showing growth compared to the previous year.