Albufeira has another pedestrian route departing from Paderne

This is an initiative of the Almargem Association

Since the 12th of May, the Municipality of Albufeira has had a new pedestrian route, entitled PR5 ABF – Entre Aldeias, with a walk, starting from Paderne. 

This was an initiative by the Almargem Association, with the support of the Municipality of Albufeira, which chose the territory
Algarvensis for the installation of four more routes integrated into Via Algarviana, thus celebrating 15 years of its existence.

In Albufeira, the PR5 ABF – Entre Aldeias is a seven kilometer route, in Barrocal, starting from Paderne and passing through several fertile floodplains, surrounded by the most varied trees and villages with the typical and distinctive features of the region.

On one of the slopes of the route, you can also see the alluvium of the Alte and Algibre streams. The latter, with an East-West direction, is installed in the flexure with the same name.

In a note, the Municipality of Albufeira reinforces that all the rocks that are visualized, along the route, were generated from sediments that were deposited, at varying depths, on the bed of the Tethys Sea, which later gave rise to the Atlantic Ocean. .



«This is further proof of the Municipality in the diversification of Tourism, solidifying its position as a tourist destination for hiking lovers, starting the structuring of hiking in the Algarve and Nature Tourism as a prominent tourist product in the municipality», highlighted the president of the Albufeira Chamber José Carlos Rolo.

In the last five years, Albufeira recorded 270 thousand passages on its seven rural walking routes, located in Paderne and Albufeira.

For Environment councilor Cristiano Cabrita, «this numerical data is very representative of the careful environment we have in our municipality, both on the coast and inland. It is another route that combines natural beauty with physical exercise, which attests to Albufeira's vocation for leisure and well-being».