107 companies from the municipality of Loulé received the PME Líder Award

Half of these were distinguished with the PME Excellence Award

107 companies from the municipality of Loulé received the PME Líder Award given by IAPMEI (Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation) and Turismo de Portugal, half of which were distinguished with the PME Excellence Award.

«This is a very significant number when compared to the national context. We have high-quality entrepreneurs here with great competitive capacity. We are talking about the forefront of small and medium-sized companies in Portugal. This platoon is very important, firstly in generating employment, adding value for our country, in exports, but, above all, for the fundamental social role they play», said Nuno Gonçalves, member of the IAPMEI Board of Directors.

According to the Loulé municipality, in the commerce, IT, hotel and tourism, car repair or service provision sectors, these companies generated a turnover of over 300 million euros, 32 million euros in net results, a net asset on the joint balance sheet of more than 500 million euros and a return on equity above 10%.

Furthermore, its financial autonomy, at 64%, is 20 percentage points above the national average.

The “sustainability” criterion also included this result.

Mayor Vítor Aleixo also highlighted the importance of this matter: «There is no economic activity possible in the future without a strong environmental and social sustainability component!».

«Entrepreneurs have a first-line responsibility in sustainability, when they use as little light and water as possible, install photovoltaic panels, replace grass with indigenous species, when they buy local agricultural production or when they provide their employees with more dignified salaries, they are being sustainable", noted the municipal official.

As for the quality seals attributed to the business fabric of Loulé, the Mayor recalled that these are also “a challenge” for the municipality to respond with quality in terms of creating services and infrastructures that allow attracting more investment.

«It is essential to create the conditions for companies to establish themselves in the territory and that is what Loulé City Council can do», said the mayor, recalling the work carried out by the Municipality in terms of road network, health, education, security of its citizens , recovery of heritage, rehabilitation of public spaces or promotion of cultural activities.

Loulé has two business areas: the Loulé Business Area, with 218.000 square meters and where there are more than 195 companies, a business association, a nest of companies, training entities and other complementary services that provide the reception of new companies; and the Vilamoura Business Area, with 158.321 square meters, where 115 companies in the field of civil construction, ship repair, food distribution, tourism support services, among others, are located.

The proposal to review the Loulé PDM that was recently delivered to CCDR Algarve foresees the expansion of the perimeter of these two areas, thus allowing “the municipality's business and economic growth”, but always under the umbrella of sustainability.

The session also featured a presentation by the president of CCDR Algarve, José Apolinário, who came to talk about the main lines of the Algarve 2030 Program and the European funds directed to companies.