video surveillance system Faro should start operating before summer

President of the Chamber admits that there was a delay, but emphasizes that implementation is, at the moment, «at a very advanced stage»

Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação (file)

The installation of the video surveillance system in the city of Faro It was delayed, but, according to the Mayor of the Algarve capital, it should be up and running “before the summer”. 

Implementation “is currently at a very advanced stage. Everything that is infrastructure is in place, they are currently also placing the cameras and installing the which will stay on PSP. If there are no further delays, perhaps in May or June the video surveillance will be working», guaranteed Rogério Bacalhau, to Sul Informação.

When asked by our newspaper about the reasons that led to the delay – given that the project was awarded on March 24th last year, to the company Soltráfego – Traffic, Parking and Communications Solutions, and the execution deadline was 150 days -, Rogério Bacalhau explains that implementation was suspended for some time, firstly «because they were waiting for equipment» and then because «there were works which, at the time of the rains, could not be carried out».

«It's normal for works. But at the moment everything is going well and there is no problem. The most complicated part, which was digging ditches, is done», continued the mayor.

Altogether, the Municipality of Faro will invest an amount of 448.420 euros, plus VAT, to prepare the support infrastructure and implement this system that will allow the installation of 32 cameras in various parts of the city, namely in Baixa and on the main road axes.

After its installation, this system, whose implementation obtained a positive opinion from the National Data Protection Commission, will work uninterruptedly, 24 hours a day, every day a week, being operated by the PSP, allowing the capture and recording of sound, whenever there is a concrete danger situation for the safety of people and property.

«Although the equipment is ours, the video surveillance is managed by the PSP. We, by law, do not carry out this management», explained Rogério Bacalhau.

The Farense mayor said he has “no doubts whatsoever” that the installation of this equipment will improve the city’s security.

«If it didn't contribute to this, it wouldn't even be worth making this investment. The fact that we have video surveillance cameras will certainly be a deterrent to that petty crime that we see on the streets and bad behavior. It is a system of prevention, but also of deterrence», concluded the mayor.

Faro intends to implement the video surveillance system since 2021, when it launched a first tender, which was abandoned.

In the Algarve, Olhão, Portimão and Praia da Rocha already have this system. In all these places, there are frequent cases in which video surveillance has made it possible to identify and arrest suspected perpetrators of crimes.

In August 2023, it was also announced that the Lagos historic center will have video surveillance, while, in October 2021, the Government authorized Albufeira to install 65 video surveillance cameras in the city, but what the Sul Informação ascertained are not yet in operation.


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