Portimão hosts a dance show that «highlights the inestimable value of democracy»

On the 26th and 27th of April

“Memórias Vividas” is the name of the contemporary dance show that will take the stage at TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão, on the 26th and 27th of April, to close the official program of the 50th anniversary celebrations. years of the 25th of April and highlight “the inestimable value of democracy”. 

In charge of Associação Cultural Dancenema, this show, co-created by Nilsen Jorge and Thora Nadeshka, and concept and choreographic assistance by Sofia Brito, had as its starting point the collection of testimonies of “lived memories” during the period of the dictatorship, the before and after the 25th of April, shared by those who lived through this period and are still here to leave their legacy.

To this end, several interviews were carried out, between September 2023 and January this year, with citizens who experienced the Salazar regime.

The piece, which is the result of a commission made to Dancenema by the Municipality of Portimão, aims to «raise awareness among young people of the value of democracy and collective responsibility».

There will be five dancers on stage to reflect the lived past and to celebrate Democracy and value the achievement of Freedom.



On the 26th there will be two sessions aimed at schools, at 11am and 00pm.

The 27th is dedicated to the general public, starting at 21pm.

Tickets must be purchased at the TEMPO box office, for 10 euros, from Tuesday to Saturday, between 13 pm and 00 pm, and on the night of the performance, until it starts.

The course of this cultural project was photographically recorded by Pedro Pinto, whose images can be seen until the 6th of May in the TEMPO Café-Concert space, where screens were also placed displaying excerpts from the five video episodes produced on the occasion and published on Youtube in due course. and official channels of the Municipality of Portimão and Dancenema.