Portimão celebrates 50 years of the 25th of April with housing, José Cid, exhibitions and conferences

Program is vast

Exhibitions, conferences, music, sculptures, dance and the laying of the first stone of a construction project of 200 housing units at controlled costs. This is how Portimão will mark 50 years of the 25th of April.

Under the motto “Portimão, Democratic Land”, the official program includes exhibitions, conferences, music, dance, sport and many other events, aiming to reinforce collective memory and emphasize the current relevance of the values ​​and achievements of April in the construction and affirmation of a progressive and egalitarian country, especially among the student population.

The official moments that will mark half a century in freedom begin at 18pm on the 00th, with the inauguration at Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes of the exhibition “Memórias de Abril”, which presents fifty unpublished photographic documents, captured for posterity by photojournalist Marques Valentine and illustrating 18 years of democracy.

The exhibition, organized by the municipality, portrays the history of Portugal after the 25th of April 1974 and its most relevant figures and events, and can be seen until the 31st of May, at the following times: Tuesday to Friday, from 10 am to 00:12 pm and from 30:14 pm to 00:17 pm, and on Saturdays, between 00:14 pm and 00:17 pm.

At 19pm on the following day, April 00th, the exhibition “the Portuguese prison photo project” will be opened at the Portimão Museum, which allows the public to gain insight into Portuguese prisons through the photography of contemporary images by two photographers, the Portuguese Luís Barbosa and the Swiss Peter Schulthess, who focused especially on political detention before 19.

Open until the 1st of September, the exhibition is a joint organization of the GefangnisForschung-Switzerland Association and the Portimão City Council, and can be seen at the following times: Tuesday, from 14:30 pm to 18:00 pm, Wednesday to Sunday, from 10:00 am to 18:00.

As part of this exhibition, the Portimão Museum will host on the 19th and 20th of April the conference “Prisons and detention regimes in Portugal: before and after 1974”, also organized by the GefangnisForschung–Switzerland Association and the Portimão City Council, which in The first day will feature the participation of the two photographers, to talk about their goals, project ideas and previous exhibitions,

The meeting will take place from 14:00 pm to 18:30 pm, covering topics related to prison regimes and life in prison before the 1974 revolution.

The program for the second day of the conference will take place between 10:00 am and 13:30 pm and will focus on the influence of the 1974 revolution on prison conditions and the development of prison regimes in Portugal. In addition to representatives of the Portuguese prison administration, representatives of national and international observation bodies will also speak.

Registration for the conference is free, but mandatory, and must be done here.

On April 23rd, the inauguration and public presentation of the São Camilo de Léllis Day Center, an inclusive space of the Portimão Elderly Support Center, will take place at 15 pm.

One of the highlights of the celebrations will take place at 11 am on April 00th, with the laying of the first stone of the municipal project to build 24 homes for housing at controlled costs, to be built in the Vale de Lagar area.

The project is part of the strategy to combat the municipality's housing shortages and includes the construction of 85 T1 dwellings, 105 T2 dwellings and ten T3 dwellings.

Highlight on the same day is the inauguration (15pm) of the sculpture “Flores de Abril”, by Santos Carvalho, which will be located in Rotunda Moinhos de Maré, next to the Portimão Fair and Exhibition Park.

This sculptural piece was created with the aim of dignifying the peaceful revolution and its impact on Portuguese society, praising the values ​​of democracy and highlighting the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April.

At 18:00 pm, the Portimão Museum hosts the presentation of the book “O Algarve em transe – Os Loucos Anos 60 e 70 em Portimão”, by Maria João Raminhos Duarte, in an edition promoted by the Portimão City Council, through the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Municipal Library .

In the work, the author reports in detail the events that marked the 1960s and 1970s in Portimão and the Algarve, since the tree from tourism to the Carnation Revolution, constituting essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the past and present of this land and the Algarve region itself.

According to Maria João Raminhos, «what we intend to demonstrate is that Portimão, due to its particular characteristics, anticipated many of the changes that occurred after the Carnation Revolution in the field of values ​​and in the way of life of the people of Portimão» throughout the decades covered.

The night of April 24th will be filled with the Grand Closing Concert “Celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of April 25th, 1974”, with a performance by José Cid at the Portimão Arena, whose doors open at 20pm.

Responsible for some of the biggest hits in Portuguese music, with more than 60 years of career, 25 silver, eight gold and three platinum albums, as well as countless awards in Portugal and abroad, José Cid continues to cross generations with successes of always, such as “20 anos”, “Snowfalls in New York”, “Um Grande, Grande amor”, “Minha Música”, “A Rosa Que Te Dei”, “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”, among many others.

Entrance to the show is free, requiring a ticket, which can be picked up from April 19th at the Portimão Arena, the Teatro Municipal de Portimão or the Museu de Portimão.

The 25th of April will begin at 9 am in Praça 00.º de Maio, with the evocation of the anniversary, raising of flags, release of pigeons, street rally and interpretation of the national anthem by the Band of the Sociedade Filarmónica Portimonense and Fanfare of the Volunteer Firefighters of Portimão, while the starting gun for the traditional Freedom Race will be given at 1 am, next to the bandstand at Praça Manuel Teixeira Gomes.

The main hall of Paços do Concelho will host at 10:30 am the solemn session of the official commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April 1974, with interventions from representatives of the political parties with seats in the Municipal Assembly, the president of this municipal body and the president of the Chamber Municipality of Portimão.

The signing of the program contracts relating to this year between the Municipality of Portimão and the associative movement is scheduled for the same location, starting at 15pm.

The inauguration was scheduled for 18pm, next to the Clube Naval de Portimão, of the pieces produced on the occasion of the 00th International Sculpture Symposium, under the theme “Freedom”, which included the participation of sculptors Hitoshi Tanaka (Japan), Liu Yang and Li Zhao (China), Aktham Abdulhamid (Syria) and Canan Zongur (Turkey), produced by the Cuneo Sularte Cultural Association.

At 19pm, the ceremony to pay homage to Portimão's mayors will begin at the old Lota, with the presentation of the reissue of the book “Power Autárquico em Portimão – 00 anos”, in a session open to all citizens who have already held office in the municipality's various municipal bodies, between council and municipal assembly and parish councils and assemblies.

The official program ends on the 26th and 27th of April at TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão, with the dance show “Memórias Vividas”, run by Associação Cultural Dancenema, commissioned by Portimão City Council.

Co-creation by Nilsen Jorge and Thora Nadeshka, with concept and choreographic assistance from Sofia Brito, this contemporary dance performance had as its starting point the collection of testimonies of 'lived memories' during the period of the dictatorship, before and after the April 25th, shared by those who lived through this period and are still here to leave their legacy.

On stage, four dancers will honor the memories that should not be forgotten and will bring to the present a reflection of a past lived to celebrate Democracy and value the achievement of Freedom.

Two sessions aimed at schools are scheduled for 11am and 00pm on the 15th, while the public will be able to enjoy this dance show on the 00th of April, starting at 26pm, and must purchase the respective ticket here

The course of this cultural project, which included five episodes of interviews carried out with those who experienced the Salazar regime, was recorded by Pedro Pinto, whose images can be seen from April 18th to May 6th in the TEMPO Café-Concerto space.

The school community constitutes one of the priorities of the celebrations, through the promotion of various activities, such as the “Citizenship Counselors” bootcamp, which since last February has brought together students from DUAL Professional Qualification – Centro de Portimão and the School of Hotel Management and Turismo de Portimão (EHTP) to simulate an election, creating lists, electoral programs and the respective campaign, in a Mypolis organization.

After voting in the ballot box, using the D'Hondt method, those elected will take on an informal role working with the municipality of Portimão on challenges related to youth participation or other thematic areas, which are being presented this Friday, April 12th at EHTP.

Another initiative that links education and active citizenship is called “Citizenship Explorers” and will take place from 10am on April 00th in the main hall of Paços do Concelho, with the participation of 17th year students from Escola Secundária da Bemposta at a chamber meeting.

At 13:30 pm on the 17th and 18th of April, TEMPO hosts two sessions for schools of the musical show “O Proibido, os Jovens e o 25 de Abril de 1974”, with the interactive and improvisational performance of artists Rui Afonso and Brais Álvarez.

In this show, organized by Portimão City Council, students will explore the emotions and sensations of three elements (Dictatorship, Freedom and Democracy) and the way they have evolved over time.

In Praça da República, the national roadshow “European Elections 10” can be visited between 00am and 17pm on April 00, which provides non-formal, digital and informative educational activities, with the aim of promoting greater awareness of democratic values and the opportunities available to young people in the European Union.

With guided tours for schools, this action is organized by the National Agency Erasmus+ Youth/Sports and the European Solidarity Corps, with the support of the Office of the European Parliament in Portugal and the Representation of the European Commission in Portugal, with local support from Dypall and of Portimão City Council.

On the 19th (10:15 am), the main hall of Paços do Concelho will be the setting for the activity “Citizenship Explorers”, in which students from the 4th year of Escola Básica da Pedra Mourinha will participate, within the scope of the program with the same name developed by MyPolis , whose objective is to enable students to take their first steps as active citizens.

Finally, the auditorium of the Museu de Portimão will host on the morning of April 23rd, at 10:00 am, a session for schools showing the 25-minute pre-editing of the film “Mulheres de Abril”, with the participation of director Raquel Freire, who will be talking to the students.

In addition to these official moments, the highlight is Teia D'Ideias in the late afternoon of this Friday, April 12th, promoted at Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes by the Teia D'Impulsos Association, starting at 19pm and inspired by the motto 'The freedom of share good ideas'. The session, which is free to attend, will be broadcast live on Teia D'Impulsos' Facebook page.

Still in this area, the gathering “We were in Portimão on the 13th of April” will take place in the auditorium of the Museu de Portimão on the 17th of April (00pm), organized by GAMP – Group of Friends of the Museu de Portimão.

The objective is to give voice to a group of citizens who experienced in Portimão, personally and directly, the historic transition from dictatorship to freedom and democratic rule.

With moderation from the journalist Elisabete Rodrigues, colonels José Glória Alves and Carlos Branco, professors Madalena Gracias and Regina Serrano, José Gameiro, scientific director of the Portimão Museum, and Carlos Romão Reis, vice-president of the GAMP board, will recall relevant aspects of the events that occurred and began from April 24th and 25th, 1974.

In the context of the A Bibioteca Fora de Si project, João Ventura will present the book “Ácido”, by Luís Filipe Sarmento, on April 26th, in a session scheduled for 21pm at Clube União Portimonense.

During this initiative promoted by Portimão City Council, in partnership with the host community and the publisher The Poets and Dragons Society, Hugo Teixeira (voice) and Paulo Segurado (keys) will interpret musical notes by Jim Morrison.

The evocative program of “Portimão, Terra Democrática” has many other reasons of interest and was prepared by the City Council together with the lively forces of local society, from the associative movement to the various political parties, being aimed at the citizens of this land who, since From the first hour, he embraced the principles of freedom.

The complete program can be consulted here