The number of registered unemployed people rose, with a higher figure in the Algarve

It rose 6% year-on-year,

The number of unemployed people registered in employment centers fell 1,9% in March compared to February, but rose 6% year-on-year, totaling 324.616, with the highest figure in the Algarve region, according to data from the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP).

At the end of March, 324.616 unemployed people were registered in the employment services of the continent and autonomous regions, 18.459 more (6,0%) than in the same month of the previous year, but 6.392 fewer (-1,9%) compared to February , indicates the IEFP.

Contributing to the overall year-on-year increase were those registered for less than 12 months (19.204) in employment centers, those looking for a new job (17.029) and those with secondary education (16.365).

At a regional level, in March, with the exception of the Azores (-11,0%) and Madeira (-20,3%), unemployment increased year-on-year, with the highest figure in the Algarve region (+14,4 ).

Compared to the previous month, the IEFP indicates that, with the exception of the Lisbon and Tagus Valley region, «the trend is towards a reduction in unemployment with the greatest variation occurring in the Algarve region (-18,5%)».

Considering the professional groups of registered unemployed people on the continent, the IEFP highlights “unqualified workers” (27,5%), “personal services, security protection and sales workers” (20,3%), “administrative staff ”(11,9%) and “specialists in intellectual and scientific activities” (10,2%).

In relation to the same month, “an increase in unemployment was observed, in most professional groups, with emphasis on “installation and machine operators and assembly workers” (+11,8%) and “qualified workers in industry, construction and craftsmen” (9,7%).

The IEFP highlights, in turn, the reduction in unemployment among “farmers and qualified workers in agriculture, fishing and forestry” (-3,3%).

Throughout the month of March, 44.387 unemployed people registered with employment services across the country, 7,8% less year-on-year and a reduction of 8,3% compared to February.

Job offers received throughout the month totaled 11.087 across the country, a number lower than the same month by 24,8% and higher than the previous month by 22,2%.

The economic activities with the greatest expression in the job offers received throughout March on the continent were “real estate, administrative and support services activities” (24,1%), “accommodation, restaurants and similar activities” (18,7 %), “wholesale and retail trade” (11,2%) and “public administration, education, health activities and social support” (7,2%).

Placements carried out in March totaled 8.312 across the country, 8% less compared to the same month last year and 23,4% more overall.