Marcelo promises “solidarity and cooperative support” to the Government and demands “enduring dialogue”

President of the Republic also recommended that the Prime Minister exercise his mandate with political patience

President of the Republic in his speech – Photo: João Relvas/Lusa

The President of the Republic today promised “solidarity and cooperative support” to the new Government headed by Luís Montenegro, who considered that “sustained dialogue” is required to increase its support base.

In his speech at the ceremony of inauguration of the XXIV Constitutional Government, at the Ajuda National Palace, in Lisbon, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa stated that this minority executive formed by PSD and CDS-PP “relies on the supportive and cooperative support of the President of the Republic – who, in fact, never bargained for it with his predecessor” .

“But it does not have majority support in the Assembly of the Republic, and it has to build it, with more likely convergences on regime issues: foreign, defense, European, financial policy with international repercussions or similar electoral commitments”, he argued.

According to the head of state, “for less likely convergences, in other areas, the dialogue must be much more extensive and much more demanding” and “for decisions such as structural reforms or state budgets, this requirement is even more extensive”.

“For all of this, he counts on popular support that gave him victory, but for which he will have to win over many more Portuguese people”, added Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

The President of the Republic also recommended that the Prime Minister exercise his mandate with political patience, without raising expectations or creating illusory ambitions among citizens, highlighting the difficulty of the international situation and internal challenges.

In his intervention, referring to the governance conditions of the new PSD/CDS/PP minority executive, the head of state cited the historic socialist Salgado Zenha, saying that there are always solutions in democracy, and the work of friar Manuel Bernardes, from the XVII.

“It means: you break a problem into several smaller ones and solve them one by one without losing sight of the whole, with patience, without raising expectations, or creating illusory ambitions. It may not be spectacular in this time of great emotions, passions, seduction by immediate sensation. But it could be a path with virtualities”, advocated the President of the Republic.