Lagoa honors workers with more than 25 years of service

Ceremony took place last Friday

12 workers who completed, last year, 25, 30 and 40 years with the company, were honored by the Municipality of Lagoa last Friday. 

The ceremony took place in the auditorium of the Centro Cultural Convento de S. José, and recognized these workers for their dedication to the public cause.

This is an initiative that takes place every year, within the scope of the Professional, Family and Personal Life Reconciliation System, a measure that the Municipality of Lagoa considered to be «extremely important to implement, where competence, commitment, the loyalty and honesty of those who, for years and years, dedicate themselves to the public cause and make it possible, in their daily practice, with brio and zeal, to implement public policies».

«It is with the commitment and zeal, on the part of the Municipality's workers, that the modernization of public services and the virtualization of information is possible, with the aim of achieving social, economic, cultural, sporting and educational development, which allows us meeting the challenges of competitiveness, territorial excellence and participatory and operational modernity, within the framework of sustainable and integrated development, as the basis of a harmonious and balanced society", emphasizes the municipality.

«I consider that the commitment and professionalism of workers are the essential piece in achieving our mission, our vision and the values ​​that guide us, with the aim of better serving our community, hence the importance of this moment of high recognition and strong gratitude for your dedication throughout this already long professional life in this Municipality», stated Luís Encarnação, president of the Chamber.