Government: Fesap says the program “is meager” in measures for the public service

According to the union leader, the measures for workers «are based on some announcements that generate doubts and concerns»

The general secretary of Fesap José Abraão considered today that the Government Program "is meager" in measures for public administration and argued that the announcements relating to only some professional groups create uncertainty for the remaining workers.

«It is a program lacking in measures for public administration that can induce stability, predictability and an idea about the future», said the leader of the Federation of Public Administration Unions (Fesap), speaking to Lusa.

According to the union leader, the measures for workers "are based on some announcements that generate doubts and concerns", namely the announcement made today by the Prime Minister that the Government already has meetings scheduled with some union organizations, such as representative structures security forces and teachers.

Fesap, to which 36 unions from various areas of public administration are affiliated, has already requested meetings from a group of sectoral ministers and also from the Minister of Finance, Joaquim Miranda Sarmento, who oversees the sector, but has not yet received a response, he said.

«The remaining public administration workers cannot be forgotten», highlighted José Abraão, noting that «there are many problems in the set of vast general and special careers to be resolved».

For Abraão, the Government Program also raises concerns regarding the intention to align the competitiveness of public employment with the private sector.

This idea from the executive reveals «a certain lack of knowledge of the public administration machinery», said the union leader, also arguing that «it is urgently necessary to know whether salaries will be aligned up or down».

Regarding the Government's intention to create remuneration supplements for public service performance, José Abraão said that it is necessary to know what the measure specifically means, when in the same document the executive says that he intends to change the performance evaluation system through «evaluations 360 degrees", a model that is used in private companies.

«We have doubts about the possible effectiveness or acceptance of this model in the public service», he highlighted.

José Abraão states that "there is not a word" in the Government Program about the multi-year agreement signed between the UGT unions and the previous socialist executive, which contains commitments to annual salary increases and career reviews.

Furthermore, the document points to reforms of an organic nature, with a reduction in redundancies «without any guarantee being given that all jobs will be maintained», he highlighted.

«We want to talk to the Government about these issues and for a calendar with commitments to be defined», reinforced the leader of Fesap.

For José Abraão, the discussion already announced with the security forces and teachers is important, but “there is a lack of a global vision for public administration”.

Missing, for example, is the review of careers in social reintegration, municipal police, firefighters, external State inspections and hospital administrators.