Aljezur hosts the first Ori-BTT Trophy of the Costa Vicentina

This weekend

The first Ori-BTT Trophy of the Costa Vicentina, which will take place this Saturday and Sunday, takes place in Vale da Telha, in Aljezur. 

This is a MTB Orienteering event, eligible for the Ranking of the Portuguese MTB Orienteering Cup 2024, which includes the National Middle Distance Championship in the first stage, and which is organized by the Alentejo Sports and Adventure Association. (ADAL), the Alvito Nature Club (CNA) and the PedalAR'Livre Club in partnership with the Aljezur City Council and the Portuguese Orienteering Federation and with the support of AMOVATE – Associação dos Moradores a Amigos do Vale da Telha.

Athletes of various ages, federated and non-federated, can participate in this event, as there are adapted routes, with varying degrees of difficulty, and participation can be carried out in the competition levels or in the open levels.

The competition includes a first stage, which will be the National Middle Distance Championship, on Saturday, and a second stage in the Mass Start variant, on Sunday.

The two stages will be played on essentially semi-urban terrain, with some slope, «a reasonable network of paths in an urban and forest environment, with interesting options and demanding orienteering techniques», says the organization.