600 students from Tavira raised awareness of the problems on planet Earth

Earth Day was celebrated yesterday, April 22nd

The Dr. Jorge Augusto Correia School Group, in partnership with the Association of Parents, Guardians and those responsible for the “Eco-Schools” project, brought together more than 600 students from various schools in the municipality of Tavira to sing and celebrate the Day of Earth, date marked this Monday, April 22nd.

Praça da República received 30 groups, 26 from EB 2,3 by D. Paio Peres Correia, one class from Conceição e Cabanas and three from Escola da Horta do Carmo, to sing the two themes “Do it Now” and “ Our land”, which draw attention to the problems that the planet has been suffering.

«The Earth is already suffering all the ills, so many that can already be seen and noticed in terms of the environment, the energy problems we are having, the water problem», said Elsa Duarte, coordinator of Escola D. Paio Peres Correia, at Sul Informação.

«So we were given this challenge: save the planet before it is too late», adds the coordinator.

This challenge by the Parents' Association aimed to educate the youngest so that “they don't make the same mistakes that we made and continue to make”.

According to Ana Paula Martins, president of Tavira City Council, this initiative served to «draw attention to the need for us to preserve the planet and adopt the correct attitudes, such as recycling, sustainability and the preservation of resources such as water» .

The mayor, very proud of the initiative, considered it a “beautiful moment” not only educational, but also as a draw to attention to the problems.

«The change in attitudes involves younger people and we have already noticed this, with recycling, for example», added Ana Paula Martins.

With the mission successfully completed this year, coordinator Elsa Duarte hopes that, next year, more schools from the group will participate, so that at least a total of 2.000 students can gather at Praça da República, in Tavira.

Earth Day is an annual event held on April 22 to raise awareness of supporting environmental protection. This commemoration began to be celebrated for the first time in 1970 and today has events held in 193 countries.


Photos and text from: Cátia Rodrigues, who is a finalist for the Master's in Communication and Digital Media at the University of Algarve and is doing her internship at Sul Informação.




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