University of Algarve wants to start building two new residences in August

Investment is around 10 million euros

Paulo Santos, vice president of the Chamber of Faro, Paulo Águas and Elvira Fortunato, at the inauguration of works on the two residences – Photo: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação

The University of Algarve (UAlg) plans to start building, in August, two new residences, within the fields of Penha and Gambelas, in Faro. The locations have already been defined, as well as the number of beds. 

On the sidelines of the inauguration of the requalification of the two university residences in Ferragial, next to the PSP and Rádio Universitária do Algarve, in Faro, rector Paulo Águas spoke with the Sul Informação, giving some details about these two future residences.

Starting with Gambelas.

On this campus – the one that brings together the most students from the University of Algarve – the residence will have 162 beds and will be built in the Horto area and the games field.

In Penha, the building will have capacity for 125 beds and will be built near the rector's house, close to Avenida Cidade de Hawyard.

The objective is to build residences within the campuses, also «reduce the footprint, since there will not be as many commuting movements by students», according to Paulo Águas.

According to the rector of UAlg, what is expected is that both works will begin in August this year and at the same time.

«The competitions will be launched simultaneously, in June, despite being separate», explained Paulo Águas.

The objective is for both residences to be ready in December 2025.



Location of future residence in Gambelas – Photo: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação



«Currently, we are in the projects phase, which is already being validated. This time is very important and we have to follow all the steps so that afterwards, whoever wins the competition, knows exactly what they are going to do and duly fulfills the specifications», considered the dean of UAlg.

Furthermore, the advancement of these two new residences follows a broader plan by the University of Algarve that includes works on other existing residences.

An example of this is the two university residences in Ferragial, next to PSP, whose renovations were inaugurated this Tuesday, March 19, by Elvira Fortunato, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

In operation since 1998/99, the Ferragial 16 Student Residence, for female students, underwent renovation work on its facilities, becoming the most efficient building in energy and water terms.

With a capacity for 79 beds distributed across 43 rooms, 7 of which are singles, 36 are doubles, and an individual studio adapted for people with reduced mobility for displaced students, the work obtained funding from the Resilience Recovery Plan (PRR), in approximately of 8 million euros, within the scope of the National Plan for Accommodation in Higher Education (PNAES).

Lot 17, for male students, included architectural adaptation suitable for people with reduced mobility, including the creation of an adapted studio offering.

The building will have the same capacity as lot 16, of 79 beds distributed across 43 rooms, and was financed from the PRR, totaling 8 million, also under the PNAES.

Upon leaving office, the governor made a point of highlighting the «huge legacy» that PNAES leaves.

“More and better student accommodation makes an institution more capable. Residences enhance the economic fabric of regions and it gave me great pleasure to follow this entire process of residences, from the laying of the stones to the inauguration", he concluded.



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