Sagres Promontory celebrates Spring with a sensory walk and monotype workshop

The activities are aimed at families and are free, with mandatory registration

The Sagres Promontory will celebrate Spring, which began next Sunday, March 24th, with activities for the whole family. The activities are free, with mandatory registration.

This is “a particular place for enjoying the landscape. With the arrival of spring, the flora blooms and small, very low, colorful tufts appear, dotting the visual landscape in various colors. We can see the very characteristic sand carnation (pink), the maritime pampilho (yellow) and the tiny sand chickweed (purple), but also many other species, some endemic».

The objective of the activities on the 24th is to «promote the cultural landscape» of the Sagres Promontory and raise awareness «of this sensitive heritage».

Thus, at 9:30 am, the activity “Awakening the senses with the landscape”, by Ana Carla Cabrita, begins, a sensory walk on the Sagres Promontory.

«The aim is to view the landscape as a whole and awaken to the connections between beings and elements, respecting and caring for what surrounds us and balancing it and observing the various sensorial elements of this landscape, such as the flora of the place or the “Voice of the Sea” , installation by Pancho Guedes, which highlights the soundscape of this territory», explains the organization.

The activity includes local dumplings and insurance for participants.

The route begins outside, next to Praça da República and will then head inside the Sagres Fortress, «seeking to revive the senses in relation to those that surround us».

The walk will last around three hours and is aimed at families (from 6 years old) with a maximum capacity of 12 participants.



In the afternoon, from 14pm onwards, the Spring Celebration is proposed using a simple printing technique – monotype.

In this workshop, guided by Mara Taquelim, which will take place in the multipurpose room of the Sagres Fortress, a prior explanation of the technique to be used will be presented and its use will be framed in the context of art history.

In a first phase, participants will explore the different graphic textures obtained by the mark left by different objects; In a second phase, they will use the selected textures to create plants and birds (shapes cut into stencils).

The proposed challenge will be that the plant and bird motifs are related to the scenic heritage of Sagres, so images and nature guides will be made available.

In the final phase, participants will cut the impressions created to be pasted into a small accordion book (Leporello), previously distributed among each element.

Each participant will have at their disposal all the material necessary to create their illustrations, as well as having the possibility of compiling them, thus creating a final artistic object.

The Workshop will last three hours and has a maximum capacity of 10 participants. Target audience: aged 15 and over. No prior knowledge is required and all material is included.

For more information and registration contact:[email protected] and/or 282 620 140