ICNF: Recreational fishing inspection actions on the southwest coast result in 6 news reports

The interventions took place in the municipalities of Odemira, Sines and Aljezur

The seizure of 37,86 kilograms of crustaceans, the survey of 6 news reports and the approach of 24 shellfish gatherers were some of the results of the two recreational and professional fishing inspection actions carried out in the Natural Park of Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina (PNSACV) by the Division of Preventive Surveillance and Inspection of the Regional Directorate of Nature Conservation and Forests of the Algarve, on the 11th and 12th of March. 

The actions were carried out, according to the ICNF, «with the aim of minimizing problems related to the harvesting of molluscs along the entire coastline of the park, namely respect for total and partial protection areas, where the harvesting of shellfish is prohibited. barnacles, sea urchins and others, as well as line fishing».

The interventions took place in the municipalities of Odemira, Sines and Aljezur, in which 24 shellfish gatherers were approached and 6 reports were collected: five for being overweight and one against strangers.

37,86 kilograms (kg) of crustaceans were also seized, including sea urchins and barnacles, of which 7,46 kg were delivered to Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Aljezur.

The sea urchins were returned to the sea because they were alive and it was still possible for them to survive in their habitat.

After carrying out these two inspection actions, the ICNF now warns of the importance of respecting the legislation on recreational fishing and harvesting of marine animals, remembering that the maximum quantity of barnacles harvested is 2 kg per recreational license and 15 kg for each professional license.

Furthermore, the barnacle must have a minimum catch size (20mm), as provided for in Ordinance no. 385/2006, «which requires the fisherman to respect these measures, leaving the smaller ones in their habitat, because the barnacle is torn from the rocks rarely survive", reinforces the ICNF in a note.

Professional licenses are limited, with only 80 licenses being issued for the entire coast of the PNSACV, under the terms of Ordinance no. 385/2006, of April 19, which approves the Regulation of Commercial Harvesting of Percebe in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejano and Costa Vicentina (PNSACV) with changes given by Ordinance no. 388/2008, of May 30th and Order no. 17732/2006, of August 31st, which establishes the number of licenses for catching barnacles in the PNSACV, amended by Order no. 7667/2011 , May 26th.

Decree-Law no. 101/2013 of 25 June, regulates recreational fishing activity (including the catching of marine animals) and states that “it is prohibited to expose for sale, offer for sale or sell marine specimens, animals or plants, or their parts caught in recreational fishing”.

The ICNF also alerts recreational and professional fishermen to comply with the rules in order to maintain the sustainability of marine resources and their continuity for future generations.