Exhibition of the 2nd edition of LocalArte de Lagos opened on the 6th

Exhibition brings together works by local artists

The exhibition of the 2nd edition of the LocalArte project – Contemporary Art Project by Lagos Artists will open on April 6th, at 18pm, at the Lagos Cultural Center.

In this edition, works by the following artists will be exhibited: Adelaide Filipe; Alexandre Manuel; There; Alonso; Ana Canto; Andrea Laudwein; Andreia Rollot Miguel; Anne Stenbom; Brigitte von Humboldt; Carl Zimmerling; Namida00; Carmelita Falé; Carolina Orchard; Catarina Catarina; Charlie; Christina Anna Maria Kuhn; Cristiano Cerol; Cristina Gonçalves; Cristina Palma Moreira; Dina Salvador; Doris Gaspartic; Eduardo Coutinho; Eunice Borda; Eva Herre; Francesca Dioguardi; Francisco Castelo; Gonçalo Cabral; Ivan Ulmann; Juliano Santos; Kasia Wrona; Lirek; Luis Miguel de Matos; Mara Taquelim; Maria João Cerol; Marie-Hélène Catherine Piquart; Nélia Duarte; Patrícia Leal; Paulo Figueiras; Pedro Moreira; Peter Jones; Break; Sara Glória; Sore; Thymus; ZéVentura.

The exhibition, organized by the municipality of Lagos and which has as its theme, this year, the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April, will be on display until the 25th of May.

LocalArte – Contemporary Art Project by Lagos Artists, arose from the intention of promoting the work of artists resident or born in Lagos, as well as encouraging their creativity and imagination, promoting local art and culture. In its 1st edition, in 2022, it had 49 participants.