DGRM sets criteria for commercial fishing license in Pedra do Valado reef

The criteria were published in Diário da República on February 27th

The General Directorate of Natural Resources, Security and Maritime Services (DGRM) established the criteria for granting a specific license to carry out commercial fishing in the area of ​​the Recife do Algarve Marine Natural Park – Pedra do Valado.

The criteria were published in Diário da República on February 27th, DGRM reported today

José Carlos Simão, General Director of DGRM, highlights that «this specific licensing aims to limit fishing effort in this unique ecosystem with high biodiversity and richness, which constitutes an important fishing ground for the commercial fishing fleet, with great economic and social importance. at the level of local communities”.

José Carlos Simão also highlights that «Pedra do Valado is the largest coastal reef in the Algarve and one of the largest in Portugal, which presents unique natural values ​​in the context of the Portuguese coast».

The Pedra do Valado area concentrates close to 900 species of fauna and flora (703 species of invertebrates, 111 of fish and 75 types of algae), 24 of which have conservation status, and 45 new occurrences of species for Portugal were discovered. and 12 species new to science that are not known elsewhere.