Cristóvão Norte «happy» with AD's victory in the country, but «expected more» in the Algarve

AD collected 22,39% of the votes, behind PS (25.46%) and Chega, which won in the Algarve, with 27,19%

Cristóvão Norte, leader of the PSD/Algarve and who was elected deputy, was "happy" with the victory of the Democratic Alliance at national level, but confessed that he "expected more" from the results in the Algarve, where AD came in third place, behind Chega and PS.

In statements to the Sul Informação, Cristóvão Norte, who will return to Parliament after being left off the PSD lists in 2022, highlighted the fact that the AD won the elections, which “was what was most desired”.

«The Democratic Alliance will form a Government and Luís Montenegro will be Prime Minister», he said.

At a regional level, Cristóvão Norte admitted that he “would like to have had” a better result.

AD collected 22,39% of the votes, behind the PS (25.46%) and Chega, which won in the Algarve, with 27,19%. The three parties elected three deputies each.

For the PSD/Algarve leader, it is necessary to «reflect on what justifies this result».

« Chega, PAN and BE have the biggest scores, at a national level, in the Algarve and there are two reasons: firstly, the Algarve has exacerbated economic cycles, which generates a lot of anguish and uncertainty and, therefore, the negative vote has had weight».

«Secondly, there are important issues that have not been responded to in the Algarve, such as water, health, tolls... There is a feeling of political orphanhood», he added.

As for the uncertain future of governability – because, despite having won, the AD does not have a majority and has already guaranteed that it will not ally with Chega –, Cristóvão Norte considered that the onus is also “on the side of the other parties”.

«The AD must accept the result of the elections with humility: we won, we must govern and open a horizon of hope for people», he concluded.


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