PS candidates dedicated a day to the sea economy

The meeting also served as a way for PS candidates to learn about the Lagos Marina expansion project

The PS candidates, for the Algarve, dedicated this Friday, March 1st, to fishing and the sea economy. 

In Lagos, Socialist Party candidates brought together fishing owners, businesspeople linked to maritime-tourist activities, recreational and leisure boating, marinas and ship repair yards to find out how parliament can continue to support the development of these sectors.

Ensuring safety conditions in the bars was one of the topics in focus, «with praise being given to the fact that the Government had foreseen, in the 2024 State Budget, a Multi-Year Dredging Plan for the Algarve, allowing regular interventions in the desilting of bars and channels and the importance of continuing actions to value fish, such as octopus, crustaceans and sardines and other species from purse-seine fishing that give name and reputation to gastronomy and restaurants in the Algarve», according to the PS.

For Jamila Madeira, in addition to the valorization of fishing and fish, she pointed out recreational boating and ship repair as sectors with great potential, «we have to know how to take advantage of the excellence of the research that is produced at the University of Algarve in the area of ​​the blue economy. just to be able to improve the profitability and sustainability of traditional sectors and through the integration of knowledge to promote emerging areas that find excellent conditions for growth in the Algarve».

The meeting also served as a way for PS candidates to learn about the Lagos Marina expansion project, an investment of 12 million euros that provides for around 100 new moorings for vessels from 12 to 30 meters, the placement of new floating jetties for 55 vessels for professional fishing, 41 spaces for the Lagos Sailing Club and also parking for 170 local boats, dedicated to recreational fishing and maritime-tourist activities and a further 100 spaces to park boats on land.