“Dolfinhos” Football Championship is back to showcase new talents

1st round is scheduled for this Saturday

The “Golfinhos” Football Championship, which brings together children up to the age of 8, is returning to the lawns of the Municipality of Albufeira this Sunday, March 24th, and ends on June 2nd. 

Selected according to age, the three groups, Dolphins A (players aged 8 years old), B (aged 7 years old) and C (between 5 and 6 years old), compete again in a competition divided into six phases (five rounds and the final).

This 16th Edition of the Championship brings teams from Padernense Clube, FC Ferreiras, Imortal DC and Guia FC to the Municipality's stadiums, involving more than 200 children's athletes, coaches and sports agents from the municipality.

The 1st Matchday takes place this weekend, on March 24th, at the João Campos Stadium, in Paderne, starting at 15pm. On April 00th, the competition continues at Campo Sintético da Nora, in Ferreiras, with the 14nd stage.

On the 25th of April, the “mini” stars will compete in the 3rd round at the Albufeira Municipal Stadium and, on the 5th of May, the 4th round will take place at the Syntético Municipal de Albufeira.

On May 19, the competition continues at the Guia FC Synthetic Field to host the penultimate round. Finally, the grand final is scheduled for June 2nd, at the Montes Elóis Synthetic Field, in Paderne, where everyone will be crowned winners.

This event has been taking place since 2007 with the aim of providing young athletes from the municipality «the opportunity to participate in a healthy competition, where the main objective is to encourage coexistence and fun».

José Carlos Rolo, president of the Chamber of Albufeira, also states that one of the purposes of the Municipality
the promotion of sport in the municipality «and ensure the coexistence and integration of young people who compete», also reinforcing «the importance of sportsmanship and associations in the Municipality».

Cristiano Cabrita, responsible for Sports and Youth, highlights that «the Football Championship
Dolphins is always a high moment of satisfaction, not only for the little ones, but also for parents and
guardians who intensely live their children’s dreams”.

The mayor also says that «Albufeira is a city that does not live solely on tourism and it is these sporting events with a social and cultural nature that highlight the dimensions that mark the municipality and that reinforce the Municipality's candidacy, the European City of Sports 2026».

The Dolphin Championship is a pioneering project of the Municipality.