Águas do Algarve opens doors to mark World Water Day

Company launches several activities

This Friday, March 22nd, Águas do Algarve will mark World Water Day by opening its doors so that everyone «can get to know up close the commitment to sustainability and conservation of water resources». 

On this day, Águas do Algarve also invites you to «reflect on the vital importance of this resource for life on our planet».

In addition, the company will host a series of different events and activities, ranging from inspiring musical moments to educational exhibitions, informative lectures, interactive challenges and exciting competitions.

“This celebration is more than just an entertainment opportunity; It is an opportunity for awareness and action. By joining forces with entities in the region, we are demonstrating our collective commitment to the protection and preservation of water, a vital resource for life», highlights Águas do Algarve, a company committed to the sustainable management of water resources in the Algarve region.