Algarve farmers protest on the EN125 two days before the elections

Producers and associations in the Algarve agricultural sector also prepared a dossier of demands

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Algarve farmers will take to the streets on Friday, March 8, the last day of the electoral campaign for the legislative elections, in a protest called by newly created Commission for Hydroagricultural Sustainability of the Algarve (CSHA), which «brings together more than a thousand entities and farmers in the Algarve».

The protest will take place between the Maritenda and Quatros Estradas roundabouts, on the EN125, from 9am to 00pm on Friday.

In addition to calling for the demonstration, the commission created a dossier with urgent demands to mitigate the water crisis in the region, which will be presented to the CCDR Algarve and the next elected government.

«In summary, regarding the severity of the drought situation in the Algarve, CSHA presents solutions to reduce water losses, increase water storage capacity (in dams, treated wastewater, desalination plants, aquifers in the Algarve), appeals to equitable cuts in water use, recalls the suspension of new investments in this area, suggests an information campaign among the population, the updating of underground abstraction titles, and defends the insufficiency of support presented by the Government», summarizes the commission.

«CSHA also reinforces that, as the rainfall in recent weeks exceeded the Government's estimates, any volume allocated higher than estimated must be directed to alleviate the cuts imposed on agriculture», they add.

In the second point of the dossier, «CSHA demands the restructuring of the Ministry of Agriculture, with less bureaucratic burden and fiscal pressure, and the reinstallation of the Regional Directorates of Agriculture and Fisheries».