Watch “A Onda” for free for young people in Lagos

The municipality of Lacobrigense will also assume the increase in the Tariff Update Rate (TAT)

The Lagos urban transport pass, called “A Onda”, will be free for young people and students up to the age of 23. 

The municipality of Lacobrigense will also assume the increase in the Tariff Update Fee (TAT), and ticket prices will not suffer any increase for users.

The Mobility and Transport Authority (AMT) set for 2024 an increase in TAT of around 6,43% in public public passenger transport.

However, given the current economic context, and continuing the PART (Program to Support Tariff Reduction in Public Transport), the municipality of Lagos says that «it has decided to take on this increase and maintain the same tariff for A ONDA users» .

Regarding passes, prices will also not change, under the 2024 State Budget, which establishes a freeze on the respective values.

In the case of young people up to 18 years of age, since 2022 the municipality had already implemented the free pass. However, within the scope of the new legislation (Ordinance no. 7-A/2024), the measure will now be supported by the State, with the free pass being called “4-18 Pass” and the “youth ” and “student”. This change is made automatically, with no need to change the existing pass.

Good news for students up to the age of 23 is that they too are now entitled to a free pass to travel around A ONDA, namely the “Under 23 Pass”. Based on the aforementioned Ordinance, students in these conditions can choose to have a free pass on A ONDA or intercity public transport (VAMUS).

To purchase both passes (4-18 and sub23), simply go to the Lagos Bus Terminal, presenting your identity card, and for the sub23 Pass it is also necessary to present a registration certificate.