Loulé launches Youth Card with free tickets to the Cineteatro and much more

Card is free

12 free shows per year at Cineteatro Louletano, discounts at the Swimming Pools and Gym, as well as MED tickets. Loulé City Council launched the Municipal Youth Card to promote «the mobility, experience and quality of life of young people in the municipality».

The Municipal Youth Card is the result of an initiative between the Department of Education and Youth of Loulé City Council and Movijovem.

It is a free card aimed at young people aged between 12 and 29 years old, resident or attending school in the municipality of Loulé. The advantages of the Municipal Youth Card have the particularity of being able to be used in the Municipality, in Portugal and in Europe. The Municipal Youth Card is a type of the EYC Youth Card (European Youth Card).

In the municipality, six companies have already joined this initiative. The areas of activity of these companies are varied, from health and well-being, to sport and leisure, confectionery, opticians, among others.

The Municipality also provides a set of advantages within the scope of this Youth Card, which include a 50% discount at the Loulé Municipal Swimming Pool Complex and the Professor Joaquim Vairinhos Municipal Gymnasium and Pavilion.

At Cineteatro Louletano, Card holders will be entitled to 12 shows per year, with free entry, with the rest having 50% discounts throughout the year. At Loulé Carnival and Salir do Tempo, the discount on tickets is 25%, and at the MED Festival and other events organized by the Municipality of Loulé in public spaces, Card holders will be entitled to a 30% discount.

To join the Municipal Youth Card, interested parties can find all the information here