Lagos supports the promotion of active citizenship in schools

The project involves an investment of 36 thousand euros by the municipality

The Lagos Chamber will support the promotion of active citizenship in schools through the MyPolis project.

The partnership, which aims to bring civic participation inspired by the Greek Polis into the 21st century, wants to promote active citizenship among young people and dialogue with those who make political decisions.

This intention was declared through the issuance of the Letter of Commitment that forms part of the application “A POLIS for all ages – Algarve”, presented by Associação Discurso Paralelo (promoter of the initiative) to Portugal Social Innovation – Partnerships for the Impact of Portugal 2030, a program that finances innovation and social entrepreneurship initiatives (IIES) in partnership with social investors to achieve greater scale and impact.

The MyPolis nas Escolas project has been running for five academic years and is present in 25 municipalities, having been distinguished as a practice of excellence in the area of ​​Digital Inclusion by the European Commission and receiving the Digital Democracy Award from the Portuguese Representation at the Commission.

In Lagos, if the application is approved, MyPolis will be implemented for three academic years (2024 to 2027) in schools in the two groups and will involve the participation of a total of 26 classes.

«Students will be challenged to become Citizenship Agents. Using games and other non-formal learning tools, they will be encouraged to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the local community, develop proposals for solutions and exercise citizenship directly, in an assembly, which allows them to share the journey carried out, the transformation felt and the impact generated», says the municipality.

The project, which involves an investment of 36 thousand euros by the municipality, also foresees the development and implementation of a strategy to boost the Lagos Municipal Youth Council.

In the same line of action, the municipality of Lagos develops, on the initiative of the Municipal Assembly, the “Municipal Youth Assembly” project, which aims to promote active citizenship and the democratic participation of young people in the representative structures of Local Government. The project was distinguished in 2022 with an Honorable Mention in the “Good Practices” category of the awards given by the National Association of Municipal Assemblies (ANAM).

The next annual session of the Municipal Youth Assembly will take place on February 23rd, at 10:00 am, in the Auditorium of the Paços do Concelho Séc. XNUMXst Century Building, and will address, among other issues, the themes of Housing and Environment.