ETIC_Algarve graduates win European “CEDEFOP Video Award”

Beatriz Silvestre, Jordana Gasparinho, Margarida Cintra and Tiago Brito directed the film “The Power of Storytelling”

A film directed by four graduates of the Directing, Cinema and TV course at ETIC_Algarve was the winner of the European “CEDEFOP Video Award”, the winners of which were announced on January 24th by the European Center for the Development of Vocational Training.

Beatriz Silvestre, Jordana Gasparinho, Margarida Cintra and Tiago Brito, guided by the trainer and tutor in the Video area, José Jesus, made the film “The Power of Storytelling”.

The winning film was selected from among 30 candidate films, which brought together 117 students and teachers from 18 European schools.

With this contest, the CEDEFOP, aims to «celebrate the importance of Education and Vocational Training in Europe, in the year that marks the European Year of Skills».

The entity that awarded the award highlighted the message that the film “The Power of Storytelling” conveys: «it is never too late to embrace your dreams and training and education are fundamental to making them come true».



According to a group of ETIC_Algarve trainees, «storytelling creates a way of showing different experiences and connecting diverse audiences around the world».

«It transcends mere fun, capturing emotions and complexities, shaping perspectives. We chose to show the story of a real student (Jordana Gasparinho) who finished secondary school a long time ago. After six years, she finally decided to pursue her dream career, following her passion for Cinema by entering a professional school, where she acquired skills in: storytelling, editing, production, continuity, sound design, camera and lighting operation. Cinema is a timeless art, combining all ambitions into one: the magic of cinema», describe Beatriz Silvestre, Jordana Gasparinho, Margarida Cintra and Tiago Brito.

«This is an award that validates the creative capacity of our graduates and, it never hurts, to remember that they are still only in the 1st year of the course. The school launched the challenge to participate in this competition at a time when they had only had 3 months of classes and this group, together with 2 others, took on this project with enthusiasm and dedication», considers ETIC_Algarve.

«In record time they managed to make their short films, with due recognition recognized. From the beginning of their training, our role is to encourage trainees to face these challenges, which we do not consider as extra training due to the way in which this type of projects contributes, with or without prizes, to the training and professional integration of our trainees", he adds .

The winning team will receive the Prize during a specific event at the 26th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival, which will take place between the 7th and 17th of March.

At this event, the winners will also participate in a panel discussion with Cedefop experts, festival representatives and VET teachers, on the prospects for training young people in a rapidly evolving educational environment and job market.

The short “The Power of Storytelling” can be seen here.